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Le Guin

Performed live for self-produced Little Fire Artist Collective's show "Don't Tell Me What To Do" on April 1st and 2nd of 2022.

Performed by Anouk Otsea, Celine Spinka O’Brien, Frances Whitford, Hanna DiLorenzo Michelle Skiba, Savannah Dunn

Voice Acting: Micheal Kennel

Music: includes excerpts from interviews with Ursula Le Guin and samples “Beginning to End” by Chris Henderson & Landon Hook.

Ursula Le Guin (1929-2018) was a pillar in literature and science fiction. Her speculative work was rooted in socialist politics and informed, in part, by her study of Taoism.  As a female author in a male-dominated field, she chartered the way for those after her and acted as a champion for the unheard voices of the minority and the oppressed throughout her life. Le Guin believed the role of Art and Literature was to imagine alternate futures as a means of pushing society off of its self-destructive path of consumption and greed. 

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